Santorini Easter

Greek Easter in Santorini

Easter in Santorini is simply one of a kind! The island of Santorini, a vast geological monument, continues to fascinate every visitor with its natural beauty. Anyone who visits Santorini for the first time with some experience of other Greek islands is certainly going to be somewhat taken aback.

Fantastic and enchanting is the endless caldera with its sweet wildlife. As often as one might see, continues to cause unexplained psychotherapeutic impressions.

If you want to join us and to be a part of our traditions during Easter in Santorini, don`t hesitate! You are welcome to visit us and live like a local! See for yourself that is the best time to visit Santorini: Nice weather, not crowded with tourists, as also you will be able to meet local people

Immerse yourself in our customs, traditions and the most unique Easter in Santorini.



Churches – Easter in Santorini

Its architecture leaves those who are trying to explore it, speechless. Easter in Santorini gives you the opotrunity to visit some of the most picteresque churches around Greece.

The island is famous for the much photographed blue domed, colorful churches, as well as traditional houses. You can see that in the entire island. Each church bears witness to a unique history and has a feast to celebrate, upon which great festivals take place in the villages. Religion has a significant role in the life of the locals.

The largest church of Santorini is the Orthodox Cathedral located at the center of Fira, dedicated to Ipapanti. The Cathedral is also known as Our Lady “Belonia”. It was founded in the 19th century.  The interior has very interesting murals and wall painting. In the close distance is the Catholic Cathedral dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. During the Byzantine times, locals built the famous church of Panagia Episkopi. It has survived many invasions and is well-preserved up to this day. In the Catholic neighborhood of Fira, lies the Domenican Convent. A place with the unique insight of the artwork that prevailed in Santorini during the medieval times. Today it is inhabited by 12 nuns.



Santorini Easter Customs

Greek Easter in Santorini is one week after the Catholic Easter. Usually, Greek Orthodox Easter occurs on different weekend than the Catholic one. It begins with a solemn Holy Week that ends with grotesque Good Friday and a massive celebration on Easter Sunday. Many different events are organized during the Easter Week. Literally, there is the Epitaph procession in every village in Santorini:

In Pyrgos village, There is the most impressive Easter custom of Santorini on the evening. Just before leaving for the Epitaph procession, thousands of scattered cans are lit in the paddocks and on the rooftops of houses and churches. Also, on the slopes and picturesque streets of the village of Pyrgos and throughout the Venetian castle and the medieval village of Pyrgos. The fortress of Pyrgos ”Kasteli” is on top of the village and it is visible from almost all parts of the island.

It is really a unique opportunity worth living close to on this day. Let`s not forget that the most beautiful Good Friday according to Guinness World Records is in Pyrgos.

In Fira, there are two epitaph processions that meet in the central square. Easter preparations all over Santorini also includes white-washing houses and decorating churches with flowers.



Live the experience!

One of the most unique traditions of Easter in Santorini, occurs on Good Saturday. People start to gather in the churches from around 11pm for the Easter liturgies, celebrating The Rise of Christ. While the priest is giving his speech the patrons of the church throw fireworks in the yard. The Priest passes the Holy Flame and everybody sings “Christos Anesti” (Christ is Risen). The bells are ringing cheerfully. We exchange wishes of happiness and prosperity.

Most people take a candle with them, and the idea is to light it from the Holy Flame. Then, they take it home again after midnight.

Amidst this breathtaking and fascinating atmosphere, thousands of flames flicker through the epitaph of the area flooded with sweet church hymns and praises of the day, and the scent of incense.



Local delicacies & food for Easter in Santorini

The church organizes most of the events, and families also celebrate the holiday with some traditional Easter food. On Thursday women bake special pastry Tsourekia (a type of brioche), melitinia (sweet pastries with local cheese) and special Easter cookies. Also on Holy Thursday, we dye red eggs.

On Good Friday, we mourn the death of Jesus Christ. Most villages mark Good Friday with the procession of the epitaph.

On Holy Saturday and after the church, the whole family will gather around the table to eat mageiritsa. Mageiritsa is a traditional  Easter soup to indicate the end of the fasten period.

If Christmas is incomplete without turkey in most countries, then Easter in Santorini is incomplete without lamb. On Holy Sunday, we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus with great enthusiasm. Whole lambs are roasted over a fire pit for several hours, before being taken home for the family feast.

Are you looking for an authentic experience? Join us and celebrate with us the Easter in Santorini.



What you should do in Santorini during Easter

Are you ready to visit Santorini this Easter or plan your vacation for next year? We are here to help you materialize that dream!

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Hiking tours through the volcanic land of wonder. Discover “the unspoiled Santorini” while following walking paths through wild flowers, lush valleys, ancient sites, and old pathways. Meet the locals, savor wine with them, and do food tastings in restaurants and taverns with a choice of three Santorini private tours. (Hiking Tour)

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