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There are many wine regions in the world that claim to be unique. Bordeaux talks about its stunning Grand Vins, Burgundy about possessing the “Holy Grail” that is Pinot Noir. But if there is a wine-producing area in the world that deserves special attention, it is Santorini. One of the oldest continuously productive places for wine making. The island boasts ancient vines of indigenous varieties (estimated to be between 200 to 400 years old).

Santorini produces four classic grape varieties: The whites Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani, and the red Mandilaria. Santorini is also an exemplary oenotourism destination. Our team Golden Ibex Events & tours offers everything concerning Santorini wine tours from tailor-made experience where you will visit the best wineries in Santorini to group tours and wine tasting in Santorini.


Santorini wine tours – history and Traditions

Wine making in the Cyclades islands goes back thousands of years to the 3rd millennium B.C.  Blessed with very old vines and a wine-making tradition that goes back thousands of years, Santorini holds a special place in the wine world. The 3.500 year tradition in vineyard cultivation and the art of wine production is maintained nowadays by the 850 growers of the Viticulture Co-operative who tend to the island`s 3750 acres of vineyards (which represents about 1/3 of Santorini).



What makes the island of Santorini so unique?

It is the special ecological system, created by the continuous explosions of the local volcano and its lava, whose diffusion has burned the rocks and made the land absorbent porous and rich in porcelain. The topology based on the steps technique preserves the soil for agricultural exploitation, while at the same time reduces the water loss. Santorini wine tours will take you through all the special features of this amazing island.


The secret of successful grape cultivation on the island

Unharmed by the phylloxera louse (phylloxera are extremely destructive pests that attack grapevines), the island`s aged vines are trained in the shape of a basket, called Kouloura, to protect the grapes from winds that can exceed 80 kilometers per hour and to create a small pocket of humidity on an island with scarce rainfall.


In a global context

Santorini is the driving force of the Greek wine industry in the demanding export markets. Assyrtiko`s virtues have been lauded by wine professionals around the world, and it`s the first Greek grape variety to be planted in other countries, including Australia, South Africa, Italy and Lebanon, by quality-minded wine producers. From a global perspective, Santorini has really raised the image of Greek wine, gaining respect and acclaim.

An important concern, however, is the price of Santorini`s wines or, more specifically, prices are rising every year, with increases in domestic market prices of up to 80% over the last six years. This is mainly attributable to the increase in the price of the grapes from 0.85 euros/kg in 2010 to 5 euros /kg in 2019, but it`s also tied to the rise in the producers and wineries on the island, from 13 in 2010 to 20 in 2019. Bearing this in mind, during your santorini wine tours, you could buy a mixed case or two for cellaring. It might end up as a very wise move. It will certainly pay back in terms of enjoyment.



Shall we introduce you our wines?

Of course you can enjoy them during our Wine Tour in Santorini (Wine & Food Tour), served alongside with local food paring:


Different than the other whites wine grapes, indigenous to the island’s volcanic ash rich soil. With transparent yellow-gold skin and a juicy flesh, the main characteristic (minerality) takes center stage allowing for the aromas of honey, herbs and dried fruits to develop with ageing. Assyrtiko does not lose its acidity even if it is very ripe. Rich in alcohol, with its citrus flavors, matches perfect with sea food, lobster or charcoal-grilled fish.


Thus its name from the Greek word “nychta” which means “night”. A traditional white wine produced from extra mature Assyrtiko grapes. A high alcohol wine (more than 14%) that comes from late-harvest and stomping of the grapes during the night. Long ageing in oak barrels gives you more intense minerality   and fruity juices. A wine that pairs beautifully with grilled squid, fatty fish or white meat.


The almost extinct variety of red grapes that covers less than 2% of the Santorini vineyards. Oak maturation in barrels gives you intense red color with sweet red fruit aromas, full of Mediterranean summer herbs. Tannic characteristics offers you a long aftertaste and incredible volume in the mouth. High-ranking in alcohol, it matches with red meats, eggplant stuffed with mince, spicy lamp meatballs in tomato sauce.


The classic natural sweet desert wine, an ancient winemaking tradition that dates back thousands of years. By law, the wine must be made using a minimum of 51% Assyrtiko grape and the remaining 49% is made up of Athiri & Aidani. It’s made from late harvested grapes that have been dried in the sun for 14 days. Crushed and fermented and then aged for a minimum of 36 months in oak barrels.

Known for it’s golden-orange to dark amber coloring with a complex bouquet of dried apricots, golden raisins and other dried fruits combined with sweet spice and an underlying minerality.  Will pair with chocolate, a savoury cheese (such as Roquefort) or some prosciutto or pata negra.



A unique tour of wine tasting on Santorini:

To experience a Santorini wine tour, we have selected excerpt from the review of our guest Mr. Hitchkok. “While visiting Santorini for a week, we wanted to tour the wine growing areas and see some vineyards, as well as the winery where they produce the wines. We found an excellent tour thru Golden Ibex Events & Tours. They arranged to pick us up at the Hotel and took us via private van to the first brand new winery (one of the best wineries in Santorini), located on the beach side of Santorini. It was immaculate and had just opened recently.

Our Tour Guide Akis being a local islander, was full of information. He gave us a full wine tour including a wine tasting in the new show room of the winery. We saw how the grapes vines are laid in a circle on the ground instead of on arbors to allow them to capture any moisture that may come their way. After we had bought some of their excellent wines. We then took the van to another area where Akis lives and he gave us such a personal tour. It was unbelievable, right at sunset. He guided us thru streets and allies that only he could have known. We came upon a very old and unique winery, Gavalas Winery, where we once again tasted the wines and enjoyed the history of the local winery.

The winery was located in the middle of the village and was so unique, we could not get over it. Akis then guided us thru narrow pathways to the very top of the village. There, we had an excellent view of the beautiful sunset. As it began to darken, we were greeted by locals on their way to an evening dinner where they could share their favorite wine and enjoy such a beautiful setting. Santorini is a friendly and beautiful island.”

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